talking about my conversation

It’s one thing writing about conversation.  Talking about your book about it, on the other hand…  Well, let’s just say, it piles on the pressure.

First , on Monday, to Claridge’s , with the esteemed Matt Rudd of the Sunday Times.  I was told he wanted a conversation lesson.  He didn’t.  Instead we fenced gently about the joys of conversation (or hates) and supped on fine wine and cake and pretended to have a deep and meaningful for his nice photographer in an ante room.

Then Tuesday, 4 November, when the world’s hopes and dreams turned to North America and the Presidential election.  My mind was turned southwards, however, when I learnt that Brazil have optioned the rights, for Amaryllis Editora.  Then I went to be festooned in red silk for my wonderful launch party, held at Ralph Lauren, 1 New Bond Street.  It was surpassing fine, with friends and family and champion conversationalists from across Britain, milling among mannequins, drinking the finest champagne, snaffling canapes of exquisite form and flavour.  The only problem was not being able to clone myself one hundred times to converse properly with everyone. 

I had fun.  So it would seem did others, from the reports in the Londoner’s Diary of the Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Hello!, Observer, and ES magazine.

Then the serious work began.  And I made a frightening discovery.  While I challenge the idea that conversation is a performance art, all the same, the performances required by broadcasting are FUN.  I love it.  I have been interviewed by 26 radio shows and counting.  I have graced BBC Breakfast’s sofa, twice.  And I received my introduction to the wider TV world, thanks to BBC World News.  With the charming Lucy Hockings.  More on these and other fleeting encounters anon…


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