voices of america

I’ve been sharpening my wits with a virtual radio tour, swooping telephonically across the Atlantic to encounter some fine and feisty practitioners of the art…  

Yesterday kicked off with Mancow on Fox.  Then over to Boston with Kimberley Jaeger on Common Ground.  I headed North East for a chinwag with Round Table’s Joe Donahue on WAMC, rounding things off at tea time (or lunchtime) with Armand ‘Arms’ Bumanlag of the Noon Report in Ontario and Detroit. 

Then further enlightening discussion today, courtesy of Dr Alvin Augustus Jones in Raleigh, NC; Jon and Mary in Fond du Lac; Jack Roberts on the Cable Radio Network; Mike Fitzgerald in Charleston; Greg Berg on WGTD-FM, Milwaukee (to be broadcast on 20 Jan).  I hopped north of the border for a three-way chat with Nat and Drew in Vancouver; and back south to Bill Darwin in Michiana, finishing off with These Days in San Diego…


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  1. Catherine – What do you think of including some phrases that one can use to get out of a conversation? Just a thought. I too find it fascinating the common ground found with most folks, however, there is an occassional individual that yammers on and on…and on. And I know I must leave because my mind begins to wander and I start thinking about the benefit of Spandex, whether parking meters should be on an angle, or my favorite, the wonderful art of pancake consumption. It’s usually because someone is telling a tale as if I am utterly priviledged to be in their mere presence of said royal figure and the fact that I’m not bowing and tossing palms in front is a travesty…How about, “Oh, gotta go! Oprah’s on…” or, “Um, hey you wanna hear ’bout my colonoscopy?… I made some sketches!” or “Excuse me, can I take a sip of your drink?” – Yes, I believe there are times when silent conversations via sock puppet would suffice.

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