Liberty and the freedom of the word, or why we should bring back salons

Today I’m feeling politically awakened.  Thanks largely to the Convention on Modern Liberty.  It’s a long name for an important event: a day of discussing the meaning of freedoms, and how, little by little, slowly but surely, piece of legislation by avalanche of apathy, and with the decline of the challengers to the State such as newspapers, the precious freedoms that we citizens enjoy are being whittled away.  As Helena Kennedy says, the State is here at our behest: we are not here at the behest of the State.

Thank you Helena and Henry Porter.  This is something everyone should be talking about.  So bring back talking shops.  Bring back salons.

If there isn’t one near you, but you feel like thinking about conversation with a small c, for a spot of amusement I invite you to read this interview with me in — or to listen to the podcast of the same…


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