THE ART OF MARRIAGE: out tomorrow

For anybody interested in why marriage is still with us, and how to navigate the three-legged race through life, my latest offering, THE ART OF MARRIAGE.  Threaded with insights from history, psychology and the latest research, and chock-full of stories from people who have done it for better — or worse.

Available at Amazon, Waterstone’s and all good retailers.



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3 responses to “THE ART OF MARRIAGE: out tomorrow

  1. Just read your article on the BBC and can’t wait to read your book!

  2. Cool, I might be tempted to buy a copy. It’s refreshing to hear people still advocating conventional values in an unconventional world. 🙂

  3. I’ve just heard your interview with Hannah Murray on Talk Radio Europe and really enjoyed it. I loved hearing you talk about not caring about a big frilly wedding day and that the future of the marriage was far more important than the day itself. Thought I was a bit odd until someone else said it too! I have been with my OH for 13 years off and on (more on than off I’m pleased to say) and we are happier than ever although have never managed to get wed. But recently I have been thinking about it more and more and would love to be whisked away to somewhere quiet where we could have a small ceremony just to reinforce our commitment to each other and so that I can call him my husband. Boyfriend sounds so lame at our age! OH, if you’re listening, Velez Malaga would be a great location for our intimate ceremony!!!
    Thanks Catherine for voicing your

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